GB6SMD 2014

This year Andy and I put up the antenna’s the week before our first airing as GB6SMD, because, I was on holiday the week leading up to the CHOTA special event at St.Matthew’s. We took the opportunity to spend some time getting the off centre fed dipole up as high as possible, and spent quite some time tuning the antenna using my newly constructed antenna analyser.

We were on the air for CHOTA by about 09:15 on the morning of Saturday the 13th September thanks to Chris, who is now a key holder for the church. Band conditions were poor due to a coronal mass ejection from the sun, despite this a good time was had by all including our many visitors who were plied with tea and biscuits. Nearly 40 stations were worked, with a good sprinkling of other CHOTA churches in the mix.

The weather was on St.Matthew’s day (20th September) was glorious and we had a record number of visitors to the church. The PMR radios scattered around the church grounds were very popular with young and old alike.

Many thanks to Chris, Andy, Edmund and Alastair for thier help over the two weekends.

[Not a valid template]  Some pictures taken during the antenna rigging on Friday 5th September and during the CHOTA event on Saturday 13th September.

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