GB6SMD 2015

Churches On The Air (CHOTA) and St.Matthew’s Fun Day

GB6SMD Special Event Amateur Radio Station.

The 2015 team : Colin (G6JVT), Edmund (M0MNG), Chris Spanton, Andy Oakes.

GB6SMD was on the air again for the Churches On The Air event on the 12th September 2015 and for St. Matthew’s church fun day on the 19th September 2015. The number of contacts with other amateur radio stations were well down on previous years with a total of 6 contacts on 12th and 14 contacts on the 19th.

DSCN0599  DSCN0601

The poor contact count was due to the very poor radio conditions caused by exceptionally high levels of solar radiation being directed toward our planet by the sun. As a result of the sun’s activity most of the short wave radio spectrum has been closed (unusable) for normal communications since mid July of this year. The poor conditions meant that we had to go searching for openings and contacts on bands that normally would not be used by special event amateur stations, this yielding contact locally between 2 and 10 km and stations between 500 and 1500 km away.

DSCN0603  DSCN0602

This year we contacted fellow amateur stations in Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and a few just down the road in England.

DSCN0593  DSCN0594

Thanks to Edmund and his ability to speak French, Spanish and German we were also able to contact some non-English speaking amateur stations. We also had many visitors to the station over the two weekends, with whom we were able to share our knowledge of radio and our love of the Lord.

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