CHOTA and Saint Matthew’s Day special event amateur radio station at

The Parish church of St.Matthew’s Worthing.


This Special Event station will be established as part the Churches On The Air (CHOTA) event , and as part of the Parish of Worthing, Saint Matthew’s annual community celebrations, on the Feast of St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist, giving thanks for the formation of our Parish in 2008. GB6SMD will be on the air on the 2nd Saturday for CHOTA and the 3rd Saturday for our community celebrations, in September each year.

The church building will be open on both Saturdays from 09:00 hours until 17:00 hours local time, and visitors will be most welcome to have a go at operating the radios passing greetings to other amateur stations.

Saint Matthew’s church was opened in December in 1899 as a daughter church (Chapel of Ease) of the Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Worthing. Then In the early 1990’s Saint Matthew’s Church became part of the Team Ministry of the Parish of Christ The King, Worthing. At the end of March 2008 the Parish of Christ the King, Worthing was dissolved. And on 1st April 2008 after 109 years and 3 months the Church of England Parish of Worthing, Saint Matthew’s was formed and Saint Matthew’s church became a Parish church for the very first time.

1st April 2008 first day as the Parish church of Worthing, St. Matthew’s.

As part of our celebrations the Parish Church of Worthing, Saint Matthew’s put on special events and activities during September each year involving the whole community.


Please QSL via the RSGB Bureau to GB6SMD, via to GB6SMD or direct via G6JVT to GB6SMD thank you.


We are happy to send our special event station QSL card to any stations contacted or SWL’s who confirm receiving us. Please confirm on air or by email if you would like one of our QSL cards.


Your QSL cards and greetings are on display within the church for the congregation and members of the public using the building to enjoy. A report about the Special Event Station is normally published in our church magazine StmatthewsMatters during September.

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For more information about the Parish of Saint Matthew’s Worthing, please visit the Parish website at