QSL Information

  Thank you for looking up my QSL information, I enjoy sending and receiving QSL cards, printed or electronic.

My biggest collection of cards is electronic and stored online at Eqsl.cc were I am currently collecting for Eqsl awards. However I also have a growing collection of paper cards that I very much enjoy. I display a selection of these paper cards on the wall of my radio shack and index the others so that my friends and family can see how international our hobby is, and of course how my collection is progressing.

You can see a selection of electronic and scanned paper cards that I have received, in my galleries.

Electronic QSL Cards

I upload my log to EQSL, HRDlog, and LOTW automatically, so if you have a EQSL, HRDlog, or LOTW account you will receive an electronic qsl card automatically.  However if you require a paper QSL card as well, please let me know via email I will then send you a paper QSL card via the RSGB Bureau.

Paper QSL Cards

The cost of postage for cards in the UK is expensive, so I prefer to send all paper QSL cards via the Bureau to keep the cost of postage down, but if you would like me to send your QSL card direct, please follow the instructions for Direct Paper QSL Cards below.

Direct Paper QSL Cards

If you want me to send a paper QSL card direct please use the POSTAGE DONATION button on the top right of this page,  please put your callsign in the comments box (on the PayPal page), your Name, Postal Address, and callsign will then be sent to me with your donation via Paypal. I can use this information to post a QSL card to you direct.

Shortwave Listeners

Thank you to the Shortwave Listeners who take the time to confirm receiving my contacts by email or card, if you send me contact details by post or by email, I will send you a QSL card direct. Thank you for  your reports they are very much appreciated.

To contact me by email Click Here
You can also send me a QSL card for free via Eqsl.cc
See my EQSL profile.
Or collect and instant free electronic QSL card at HRDlog by clicking this link G6JVT’s Electronic QSL.