Amateur Radio Stations G6JVT and GB6SMD are located in the southern England coastal town of Worthing in the county of West Sussex. Worthing is about 90 Kilometres south of the Olympic City of London, 29 Kilometres east of the historic City of Chichester, and 27 Kilometres west of the City of Brighton and Hove. The town is situated between the sea to the south, and  the picturesque South Downs National Park with chalk hills that rises up to 240 meters to the north.
Check out the pictures of Worthing and the surrounding areas in my gallery, all these pictures were taken by my wife.

As can be seen on the map below both stations are located in built up areas. My home station (G6JVT) is about 2 Kilometres from the sea, and St. Matthew’s church (GB6SMD) is about 1.5 Kilometres from the sea. Worthing is quite flat and so both stations are only about 8 Meters above sea level.

The map coordinates and references below are provided for logging purposes, they show geographical areas of the stations only, and are not suitable for directions, or postal information.
Please see G6JVT QSL information or GB6SMD QSL information to find out how and were to send QSL cards. To find directions to St.Matthew’s Church click here.

G6JVT Details:

ITU Zone: 27     CQ Zone: 14

I.O.T.A Reference: EU-005

IARU locator: IO90st

W.A.B square: TQ10

Longitude:     00° 25′ 28″ W
Latitude:        50° 49′ 10″ N

GB6SMD Details:

ITU Zone: 27   CQ Zone: 14

I.O.T.A Reference: EU-005

IRAU locator: IO90tt

W.A.B square: TQ10

Longitude:    00° 22′ 58″ W
Latitude:       50° 49′ 04″ N

How to find your W.A.B square.

Follow this link to UK Street Maps.
Enter your Post Code. Then at the bottom of the map click on “Click here to convert coordinates” From the row Nat Grid, use the first two letters and the first and fourth number to obtain your W.A.B square. In my case this is TQ10.

How to find your IRAU locator square.

Follow this link to the F6FVY locator map. (The map opens on Paris, France.)
On the map locate and click on your location (QTH) . Your IRAU locator square will now be displayed along with your Longitude and Latitude.

How to find your ITU and CQ Zones.

Click here to download a comprehensive selection of printable amateur radio maps including ITU and CQ zones.

G6JVT and GB6SMD Locations Map.